Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eureka, Faith is a degree of Enthusiasm

Faith is beautifully defined by Alma as a belief in something which is not seen but which is true. It is also defined as a seed which grows, and takes root because of truth and faith. However I learned something new about faith tonight. I was listening to Glenn Beck give a fireside to our the youth of our stake, and while i was listening I had one of those eureka moments. And this is it: "Faith is a degree of enthusiasm in something." To have faith in something is to be enthusiastic about it. To believe in something, one is moved to act and direct decisions in accordance to faith in a principle. Enthusiasm is both the affect and the effect. So faith is not a passive principle, it is one which requires our activity, else it is not. Faith without works is dead, Faith without enthusasm will never have works.

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