Friday, February 01, 2008

Can't install MOSS on a different drive than C:

In production environments, my clients often want to put as little as possible on the C: drive. This is a very good idea for performance reasons. Unfortunately, I confirmed today that you can’t install all the MOSS files on a drive other than the C drive.

During install, WSS/MOSS asks you where you want to install MOSS. Even when you specify a drive other than C during the install most of the files end up on C:. For example I chose the “I:” drive for the install path, but all my “12 hive” files still showed up on the C drive.


Here is my 12 hive on C: even though I installed MOSS on the I: drive.



The one folder that does obey my wishes is the “Microsoft Office Servers” folder. Which is 381 megs and as you can see is on the I: drive.



So it does save you 381 megs that would have gone on the C drive, but you can’t prevent most of the MOSS install files from ending up on the C: drive.

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oleposya said...

my MOSS 2007 installation is not asking me where to put files at all. i am trying for few hours already and it is all going to C drive silently.