Saturday, May 22, 2010

Channel 9 - RAM Disks speed up Visual Studio is a Vicious Rumor


It was cool to discover that Channel 9 linked to my blog post on how RAM disks do not speed up Visual Studio:


Joe Nalewabau and Dan Fernandez talk about my blog. Starting at minute 19:50, Dan says:

Dan: "Joseph Fluckiger", I hope I am pronouncing that right. 

Joe: "I'll let you handle that one".

Dan: "Probabaly for the better."  :)

Dan: “We talked about this at our 1 year anniversary with Scott Hansleman using RAM disks to speed up Visual Studio. Joseph actually went through and did a test of RAM disk vs. no RAM disk. And he actually shows that RAM disks aren’t worth it. They are only a few milliseconds faster and you have to copy files into the RAM disk which is a pain.”

Dan: "Thank you Joseph for actually doing the work and verifying that it is a vicious rumor."



I found the Channel 9 reference because I was looking through my blog stats and saw that the RAM disk post is the most popular. Here are my blog stats:


LINQPad – A Must-Have Tool

I discovered a great little .NET developer tool yesterday: LINQPad. I needed to write a LINQ statement with a Group By and was having trouble figuring it out. While poking around on stack overflow, someone suggested this tool.

But even better, the most useful application of this little application is the ability to quickly write pieces of code. It has a nice little interface which applies indentation and colors to your code, but is also very light weight and fast. It even allows you to quickly execute your code and display the results with a nice little .Dump() utility. My Visual Studio has been quite slow lately since my project has hundreds of thousands of lines and I am also running Resharper.

Write snippets of Code quickly with LINQPad:



Learning LINQ: