Saturday, May 22, 2010

Channel 9 - RAM Disks speed up Visual Studio is a Vicious Rumor


It was cool to discover that Channel 9 linked to my blog post on how RAM disks do not speed up Visual Studio:


Joe Nalewabau and Dan Fernandez talk about my blog. Starting at minute 19:50, Dan says:

Dan: "Joseph Fluckiger", I hope I am pronouncing that right. 

Joe: "I'll let you handle that one".

Dan: "Probabaly for the better."  :)

Dan: “We talked about this at our 1 year anniversary with Scott Hansleman using RAM disks to speed up Visual Studio. Joseph actually went through and did a test of RAM disk vs. no RAM disk. And he actually shows that RAM disks aren’t worth it. They are only a few milliseconds faster and you have to copy files into the RAM disk which is a pain.”

Dan: "Thank you Joseph for actually doing the work and verifying that it is a vicious rumor."



I found the Channel 9 reference because I was looking through my blog stats and saw that the RAM disk post is the most popular. Here are my blog stats:


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