Thursday, December 01, 2011

Security with Visual Understanding – A Kinect Project

I gave a presentation today in my Embedded Systems class titled: “Seeing Machines”. The presentation describes my project in which I created a security camera which leverages the skeletal recognition capabilities of the Kinect to detect when someone walks in view of the Kinect camera, upon which it takes pictures and uploads them to a private Picasa library. If 10 seconds passes without receiving authentication from the person who set the alarm off, an audible alarm will sound, and an SMS text message will be sent to notify the owner that an intrusion has been detected.

The Kinect represents some amazing technology. I predict some really interesting technology coming out in the next 5 years which leverages the depth data and skeletal tracking capabilities of Kinect.

My paper can be downloaded at this link: Seeing Machines, a paper by Joseph Fluckiger

Note: view the speaker notes to see links to some of the amazing Kinect projects I found during my research.