Friday, August 09, 2013


I created a utility which translates.NET applications into any language.


  1. Generate .resources localization files for your application and then launch it to see your application in that target language
  2. Use Google Translation service to automatically translate text
  3. Publish your translations online to share with other users

Translating an application can often be expensive because it requires both developers and application users. App Translator allows end users to produce their own translations and share them with other users. Translation is automated via integration with Google Translation API.

We are interested in your feedback, please contact me, or leave a comment with questions or suggestions. An example translatable application is included in the install which demonstrates how easy it is to use App Translator. To change the target application, simply edit the Features.xml file. App Translator has been successfully used on large enterprise applications with tens of thousands of items translated. It is now generalized to work with any .NET application. We are interested in your feedback to help make improvements.