Saturday, February 25, 2006

In the crib with Michael

Last night Michael was having trouble getting to sleep, so I climbed into his crib with him and laid down next to him. Well Michael took this as a sign that it was play time, so he got up and started energetically climbing around the crib. I might have scolded him and asked him to lay back down, but he was just too entertaining. He would nuzzle his face right against mine and slobber on me. Next he stood up and walked around next to my head by holding onto the side of the crib. He was looking for a way out. He is very resourceful and discovered something that might help him escape: my head. So he stepped up onto my head, which really hurt, but I was laughing too hard to do anything about it. I asked him to kindly step off my head, and he did, but then he decided to sit on my head. This made me laugh even more. He did finally get to sleep and I was able to finish watching the winter Olympics. Too fun. Too fun.


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