Friday, September 29, 2006

Durring my road-ride today I bunny-hopped a 3.5 ft black snake.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

China log number 1

This is Joseph’s first travel China log from, er Tampa. I was quite heart-broken to arrive and find out that they changed the flight to 6am instead of 10am. I didn’t realized how excited I was to get to China until I heard I was going to have to wait a whole additional day to go to China and see my fam.

The other funny thing, is that I will miss my birthday. I will cross the international date line while flying to China, so I will skip ahead 24 hours on September 11th thereby mostly missing my birthday. I leave Detroit at 2:25 pm Central Time Sept 10th and arrive at 8:45 pm Sept 11. Crazy. I guess I’ll just stay 30. I thought it was only possible to miss your birthday if your birthday was on February 29th. But I have now, by fortunate misfortune, found a new way. I will start a stay-young-by-skipping-your-birthday airline. Well, maybe at least they’ll give me special treatment on the flight.

One question I hope to answer while I am in China. Perhaps one of the most important questions I’ve had in my life. Does Chinese food actually taste like Chinese food. AND does American food served in China actually taste American? I also want to see Chinese kids pee on their mom’s queue as described in Sarah’s 2nd travel log. That sound pretty impressive. Maybe Michael can learn that trick.

You know I should have told them I was going to my wedding reception in Shanghi. It worked for me and Sarah when we were flying back from our honeymoon to make our Dallas reception. We got to cut in front of everyone, (and got a free bottle of Champaign).
One thing that did give me a quite a bit of cheer after the bad news: On my way home from the airport I almost ran over a turtle. He was crossing a 4 lane highway. I was curious if he would make it, so I stopped on the shoulder and watched that little turtle. (He was a snapping turtle with a long neck). Trucks and cars and semi trucks all swerved and drove over and around him. Each time a car passed I expected to see a turtle pancake. But each time I didn’t, and low and behold that little lucky turtle made it all the way across 4 busy lanes of traffic.

So the things I learned today are 1) check your flight times 2) If you are trying to walk across 4 busy lanes of traffic, you just might make it.