Friday, November 03, 2006

The String is both a reference type and a value type in .NET

In .NET the string class is a special type. It is a hybrid of both a value
type and a reference type.

A typical reference type is stored on the heap, and a typical value type is
stored on the stack.
Classes are reference types, for example, Windows.Forms.Textbox
Numbers are value types, for example, Integer and Double.

Value types are able to be stored on the stack because they have a finite
length. Reference types have variable length. So for reference types, .NET
keeps a memory reference on the stack to a location on the heap where the
actual value is stored. This allows the stack to be very fast and compact
while still being able to store large values like a string variable that
contains the preamble to the Constitution.

An analogy: A comparison to Sqlserver variables is the difference betwnee
the char and the varchar data types. The char always has a fixed length, the
varchar does not.

So the string is a special animal. You can use it without always having to
use a constructor. Good thing, it would be a real pain to have to write:
String myStringVar1 = new("hello ");
String myStringVar2 = new("world");
String myStringVar3 = myStringVar1 + myStringVar2;

Instead, because string is a special case in .NET we can just write:
String myStringVar3 = "hello " + "world";

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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shuttle launches

I finally found a reliable, concise list of future shuttle launches and their statuses.


It also shows how is on the mission and what is being done.