Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Have the unique name Fluckiger has a very unforseen, positive benefit in the present internet age

It’s amazing what you can find by typing in your name on google. Especially if your name is as unique as Joseph Fluckiger. Of 7 billion people on the planet, there are only a handful of Joseph Fluckigers. By searching on google, you can find, interestingly enough an archive of my race histories throughout my life, including my all-time favorite: a posting of the 1993 state championship team, Mesquite Poteet. Ah the glory days. I think my time was a 16:20 for a distance of 5 kilometers. My best race ever for sure.

Scrolling through the results of the search "Joseph Fluckiger" brings up the following:

1993 texas state championship:

1999 BYU Rex Lee Memorial Run:

2004, Tripple threat:

2006: Venice triathalon

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