Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Posting from Word 2007

This is a test Blog from Word 2007. Word has definitely been at the top of my worst software list (along with powerpoint and project) but this blog feature in 2007 definitely gives it a demotion in the worst catgory.
- You have the advantages of a local editor, including fast and personalized spell checking, full screen editing with complete hot-keys, etc. And you don't have to open up yet another browser window to get lost among the tabs!
-Then with one click you can publish, and it remembers your login/password. viola! a new post.

Posting using email is is a pretty cool option as well. All you do is send an email to and blogger creates a post for me. The drawback is that it does a really poor job of formatting. You'll notice some of my posts have random line breaks, these are posts I have made by sending an email. I'm expecting that Word will do a better job. Another fear was that Word would create some crazy HTML, but it seems to have kept its nose clean so far. It created clean, simple HTML. Kudos to Word 2007.

And hats of to Microsoft's efforts to be a friendly citizen: Within Word, when you choose from a list of blog sites to publish to, blogger which is owned by Google, is one of the choices. A tough choice I'm sure for Microsoft to list since they are an arch rival, but none-the-less, the right choice since blogger is one of the most popular blog providers.

-Blogger Joe