Friday, May 04, 2007

VMware vs. Virtual Machine

Virtualization is becomming very popular. The benefits are many and there are two leading products: VMware GSX and Microsoft Virtual PC, but which is faster? I ran some performance tests using passmark performance tester 6.1.

VMware GSX is WAY faster than Microsoft virtual PC. Look at the processor and disk marks, they are twice as high for VMware GSX!

Microsoft VM =
Operating system is Windows server 2003
diskmark =246
processor test= 316
memory =356
Vmware :
Opperating system is Windows server 2003
processor test = 690

Both virtual hard disks are on the same M drive. The M drive consists of 2 10k Raptor drives in a RAID0 (sriped) configuration. My host box is a Dell Precision 690 and the processor is a dual core Pentium, and 2 gigs of ram.

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