Monday, January 21, 2008

I got accepted to the Sleepless in Dallas SharePoint event

Hey great news, I found that I am a final candidate fro Sleepless in Dallas! Sweetness! The event is billed as the ultimate SharePoint developer's conference and put on by Infusion Development. Post by Chris Koenig on the event. Andrea from Infusion who interviewed me said that my application caught her attention because I mentioned that I had won the grand prize in a programming contest in the 8th grade, that she thought that the most successful programmers were people who had programmed all their lives and who were passionate about programming.


For the record, the programming contest involved using Apple IIe Basic to create an animated face that could express various emotions: happy, sad, angry, etc. This was part of the Odessy of the Mind contest and the challenge was to incorporate a robot that expressed emotion into a skit. So we perched our monitor on a cart and dressed it up with clothes. Our robot was a brilliant actor, let me tell you what! :) It was the cheesiest program ever, but let me tell you at the time it was way cool seeing an animated computer screen show "emotion", and I loved building it, I remember being so excited to work on that program, programming tedious PLOT command coordinates to make the face come to life. And when it won the grand prize I was thrilled. But I never knew it would get me into a programming contest 18 years later.


So wish me luck in the contest. Hopefully I can come up with another victory! Hopefully I can leverage my SharePoint experience and come up with something cool.

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Rick said...

See you there :)
I just got notified that I'd made the cut today - A whole 3 days before it starts!

Yeesh, talk about cutting it close..