Saturday, March 15, 2008

SUSHI's popularity

SUSHI has become more popular than I had ever imagined. Codeplex has just added a fantastic statistics page which shows exactly how popular it is. The stats include number of downloads, visits and referring sites. SUSHI has been downloaded over 2000 times!

Figure 1: Downloads since the project began in November 2007:



It is interesting to see where most of my traffic comes from, and read the reviews on those sites. My favorite review is from a this German site: "Send a Test Email – Um die outbound Mail Funktion zu testen ist dieses Tool super handy." :) It looks like has brought me a lot of traffic and of course google.

Figure 2: Top Referring Sites over last 30 days:



Final Comments

SUSHI fills a need for SharePoint in a way that very few other tools do and it is much more user friendly than command lines, or SharePoint features. But it is not yet finished. I still have a lot of additions to make. I would love to have community help with building SUSHI. If anyone is interested in contributing to SUSHI by writing code, testing code or suggesting features, I would love to hear from you. Please post  a comment on the SUSHI discussion boards, or contact shoot me an email at home@

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