Monday, March 10, 2008

SUSHI Version 2.22 Released!

You can download the latest version of SUSHI here. Improvements in this version include:


*Improvements to the "Copy a view" feature.

    • Change copy a view so it doesn't require all fields to be present. This is a nice improvement! so that this feature can be used without having to have all the columns of the view present in the destination list.

**More tab for less popular features, click on the More tab to open up these features.
BugFix: For Import Documents feature, Upload button was disabled after pressing the validate. button. This is fixed now.


version 2.23 is in the works:

I've been working on improvements to the security report in SUSHI so that the report will also take into consideration active directory group membership in determining if a user has access to a site. To accomplish this, I've had to brush up on the System.DirectoryServices namespace used to access Active directory.



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