Saturday, November 01, 2008

SharePoint SUSHI version 3.1 released


After a long delay, a new release of SUSHI has been published. This version includes the following:

  • Improved "Select A Site" functionality.
  • Updated Documentation.
  • Bulk List creation updated.
  • Profile picture import feature improved.
  • Bulk site creation includes both user site templates and system site templates.
Stable Release
This release has been tested in multiple SharePoint environments and used in many production environments as well. Stability and Security are SUSHI's highest priorities.


Future Releases

I already have another release with some nice graphics improvements which improve the look and user experience of SUSHI. I have enlisted a couple programmers to help with testing, and graphics work. The are quite helpful and good to work with so hopefully we can make SUSHI even better. I have lots of ideas but just not enough hours in the day to turn all my ideas into reality. I'd love to improve the backup/restore (I haven't touched that in about a year. I'd like to improve the security reports and add a few new security reports.



SharePoint SUSHI has been downloaded 8,500 times!  Not bad, I never thought SUSHI would be so popular. But I find myself using it often so I guess the thousands of other SharePoint administrators out there are using it as well.