Friday, March 27, 2009

The guestbook is back, new and improved!

After a 5 year outage, the guestbook is back!Please feel free to leave your thoughts, hellos, ideas, comments, poems, rants etc.

Check this out, I just used internet archive to retrieve messages left on the old fluckiger guestbook. The old guestbook was up between 2002 and 2004. It is fun to see the comments, back then having a guestbook was a really cool impressive thing!

I know a guestbook is an old fashioned thing. Old fashioned in Internet years which means anything over 5 years old. In 2002 I built a guestbook using 1.1 and an Microsoft Access database. My original guestbook at was pretty popular. This was before facebook and blog comments which make having your own guestbook seem kind of pointless.

But this guestbook gave me a chance to flex my Silverlight muscles and is just the mustard seed. There is a lot of potential in Silverlight to bring back richness to human-computer interaction. We've been suffering through painful primitive UI and slow response times for quite a while now. Silverlight has the potential to bend the computer to the needs of people rather than what we've been doing over the past decade which is bending people to use the HTML in the browser just because that was the easiest and most secure way to deploy applications.

My guestbook is using some pretty cool technology. It is written in Silverlight 2.0 which is delivered from IIS 7 on a virtual Windows Server 2008 instance which is hosted in a 64 bit Windows Server 08 Hypervisor. The physical machine is a box I got off of Craig’s List for only $1500. It has 8 cores, 22 gigs of memory, and a 300 GB Velociraptor hard drive. This gives me plenty of room to run multiple virtuals. I am currently running: a project server farm, an Ubuntu Linux box, a Windows 7 box, and my SUSHI development environment which also hosts this guestbook. Sweet!


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