Sunday, June 28, 2009

Codeplex changes it’s policy based on my suggestion

This is pretty cool. This week Codeplex changed it’s Start a Project page and added a section which I had suggested. I guess they are listening to me. :) You can read my suggestion I made back in Dec 2008 in the discussion forums to . You can also watch a Channel 9 video describing the feature starting at 5min. The suggestion was simply to allow donation links on Codeplex project sites.

My Codeplex project SharePoint SUSHI has been on Codeplex since November 2007 and was one of the early projects posted on Codeplex. It has been downloaded 17,000 times. I love the comments on the latest version, they are awesome:

Probably the most useful free SharePoint tool out there! Saved me hours of work many many times. Some really innovative features (e.g. copy list view). Great stuff! Please keep it up. Thanks for sharing the results of your hard work!. Greg
Greg_O on Mar 9 at 7:22 AM

Some great functions. Definitely going to use that tool often in the future.
Dublette on Mar 2 at 2:19 AM

God bless you, Joseph. You may just get that Wikipedia page after all. :)
panoone on Feb 4 at 8:24 PM


It is good to see all those hours spent building SUSHI having some positive benefit for the community. I know that I have benefited enormously from blog posts and free utilities so it is good to give a little something back.

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